Myths & Legends Concept CD Brett Baker (Trombone) with Flowers Band conducted by Paul Holland

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1. The Fire & the Phoenix by Chris Bond

2. Divine Odyssey by Andrew Mackereth

3. From a Kingdom of Clouds Andrea Price (Trombone and Marimba)

4. The Collapse of the Silver Bridge; from the legend of Moth Man by Simon Oliver

5. Myfrrddodau by Richard Huw Cole

6. Slipstream by Paul Lovatt-Cooper

7. M6 Troll by Lucy Pankhurst

8. Pursuing Atalanta by Roger Trigg

9. 2nd Movement of Old London Town by Jonathan Bates

10. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Richard Rock

11. Cloud Riders by Dan Price

12. Fandango (Duet) by Joseph Turrin arranged by Mark Freeh featuring Guy Conter