DOWNLOAD - The Crystal Palace Brett Baker (Trombone) with John Wilson (Pianoforte)

Reference:  DL-WR15-10

1IL Parata9:39
2The Charmer5:33
3St Crispin7:26
4Crystal Palace7:11
6At Dawning2:10
7American Caprice3:58
8From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific7:00
9Autumn Dreams7:08
11Golden Sunrise7:54
12The Whirlwind5:34

1. IL Parata (1882) by V. Bellini arr F Berr, 

2.The Charmer (1901) by L. Boos, 

3. St Crispin (c.1905) by W. Rimmer, 

4. The Crystal Palace (1905) by J. Ord Hume,

5. Amabel (1905) by W. Rimmer,

6. The Dawning (1906) by N. R. Eberhart / Cadman, 

7. American Caprice (1910) by E. F. Goldman,

8. From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific (1912) by H. Clarke,

9. Autumn Dreams (1914) by L. Zimmerman,  

10. Nirvana (1928) by S. Adams,

11. Golden Sunrise (1930s) by F. Burnell, 

12. The Whirlwind (1941) by J. Levy