Salford Syllabus

Below is a list of recommended material for the University of Salford 2021: 

Music Foundation Year

Grade 6 scales/arpeggios/technical work (Associated Board)


Melodious  Etudes for Trombone        -           numbers 5, 7, 11, 17

Bordogni   arr. Rochut

Bone of Contention                          -           numbers 13 or 14

Langley Trombone Tutor                     -           numbers 27, 28, 30

Kopprash 60 studies vol 1                   -           numbers 18, 21

Philip Sparke Georgia Gigue                -           numbers 18, 26

or Threes, Fives and Sevens from Super Studies for Trombone


 One own choice solo from the list below or Grade 8 equivalent

 Ferdinand David Marcia funebre (Andante) or Allegro maestoso: 2nd or 3rd movt from Concertino for Trombone, Op. 4 (Editions Marc Reift or IMC 2008:edition)

 Alexander Guilmant Morceau symphonique (Concert Piece), Op. 88 (starting at Allegro moderato, b. 39) (Editions Marc Reift EMR 2006 or Brass Wind edition) or No. 15 from Solos for the Trombone Player, arr. Smith (G. Schirmer GS33009:  edition)

 Curnow James Fantasy for Trombone

 Jørgensen Romance for Trombone, Op. 21 (Hansen WH29516:  edition)

 Marcello Sonata No. 5 (in Bb) (complete), arr. Mortimer (Editions Marc Reift EMR 2046L: edition)

 Sachse Allegro maestoso (ending before Adagio): 1st movt from Concertino for Trombone (Simrock EE1171-1 or IMC 1436: edition)

 Saint-Saëns Cavatine, Op. 144 (Brass Wind: edition or Durand: edition)

 Weber Romance for Trombone (Brass Wind: edition or Editions Marc Reift EMR 236: edition)

 Tony Cliff Pastels and any one other movt: from Four Sketches for Trombone (Studio Music: edition)

 Erik Larrs Larsson Preludium (Allegro pomposo): 1st movt from Concertino for Trombone, Op. 45 No. 7 (Gehrmans Musikförlag CG5139U: edition)

 Arthur Pryor Thoughts of Love (ending before Coda, at b. 189). Arthur Pryor Solos for Trombone (Carl Fischer edition) or available separately (Carl Fischer: edition)

 Nina Rota Allegro giusto: 1st movt from Concerto for Trombone (Ricordi: edition)

 Rob Wiffin Blue Jeans (Studio Music: edition)

 Bram Wiggins Caprice for Trombone (starting at Adagietto, Fig. I) (Kirklees Music: edition)

 Gareth Wood Dance Sequence (starting at Romance–Lento to the end) (G & M Brand: edition)


First Year (Level 4)

All Scales and Arpeggios (shown here in Concert Pitch)

Minor scales to be played in Harmonic and Melodic Forms.

Db D Eb E F Majors.  C# D Eb E F Minors - a Twelfth.

All other 2 octaves.

 Chromatic Scales                     - Dominant 7th. Keys B - F. 2 octaves.

2 octaves                                 - Diminished 7th. Starting F# - C. 2 octaves.

 All to be played from memory.



 Trombone Tutor Langey                                  -           numbers 25, 27, 28                 

 Bone of Contention   Bourgeois                      -           numbers 12 or 15

 Kopprasch 60 studies vol 1                             -           numbers 26, 27, 33

 Adagio or Allegro Energico:                            -           numbers 5 or 7

from Fantasy Pieces for Trombone (Brass Wind)

 Super Studies Sparke threes fives and sevens  -           number 26

 Twenty Trombone Teasers by Rob Wiffin        -            number 13 and 15



 1.         Concert Variations                               Lusher

2.         Morceau Symphonique                         Guilmant

3.         Grand Concerto                                   Grafe

4.         Souvenir de Poitou                              Legendre

5.         Concertino                                        David (Mvmts 1 & 2 only)

6.         Cavatine                                            Saint Saens

7.         Andante & Allegro                              Barat

8.         Blue Jeans                                        Wiffin

9.         Concerto for Trombone any mvmt      Grondahl

10.       Fantasy for Trombone                        Curnow

 Sightreading preparation, orchestral prep:

Blahzevich Clef Studies

Range building:

Donald Hunsberger, Remington Warm-up Studies

Blume/Fink, 36 Studies for Trombone


Charles Colin, Flexibility Studies in 3 vol.


Second Year (Level 5) 


 List A


1.         Trombone Concerto                             Rimsky-Korsakov

2.         The Eternal Quest                                Steadman-Allen

3.         Romanze                                             Hoser

4.         Sonatina                                               Serocki

5.         Trombone Solo from Sym 3                Mahler

6.         Concertino                                           David

7.         Romance                                             Weber

8.         Concertino for Trombone & band       Leidzen

9.         Concerto for Trombone any mvmt      Grondahl

10.       Concerto for Trombone 1st mvmt        Rota

List B

1.         Dance Sequence                                  Wood

2.         Melodie Caprice                                  Hespe

3.         Loves Enchantment                             Pryor

4.         Thoughts of Love                                Pryor

5.         Suite for Trombone                             Lusher

6.         Rhapsody for Trombone                     Langford (Cutting Cadenza)

7.         The Guardian                                       Graham

8.         Atlantic Zephyrs                                  Simons

9.         Bone Apart                                          Gibson

10.       Shout                                                   Wiffin


Legato Studies, Sound Development:

Bordogni/Rochut, Book II

Technique and Articulation:

Major and Minor scales and arpeggios in two and three octaves, legato, staccato.

Whole tone scales, modal scales, chromatic scales

Kopprasch,  Vol. II

Arban, Complete Method for Trombone, (incuding double/triple tonguing)

Sightreading preparation, orchestral prep

Blahzevich, Clef Studies

Bordogni/Rochut in clefs

Bordogni Vocalises Vo 1.

Range building:

Bordogni/Rochut in tenor and alto clef

Mantia The trombone Virtuoso (Carl Fisher)


Charles Colin, Flexibility Studies in 3 vol.

Branimir Slokar, Flexibilities

Remington warm up exercises (Accura Music)

Others worth getting:

LaFosse: School of Sight Reading and Style, vols. A-E (M. Baron)
Blume: 36 Studies (Carl Fischer)
Brown: Orchestral Excerpts for Trombone, Vols I-III (International)
Wagner: Orchestral Studies, ed. Hausman (International)

Bitsch: 15 Etudes de Rythme (Leduc)
Blazhevitch: Clef Studies (MCA)
Bordogni: Melodius Etudes for Trombone, Vol 3 (Carl Fischer)
Brown: Orchestral Excerpts for Trombone, vol IV-X (International)


Third Year (Level 6)

Programme in discussion with your tutor a selection of ideas can be found below.

Legato Studies, Sound Development:

Bordogni/Rochut Book II, III

Technique and Articulation:

Bitsch, 15 Etudes de Rhythme

Bach, Cello Suites

Telemann, Solo Sonatas

Sightreading Preparation, Rhythm, Orchestral Prep:

Changing Meter Studies

Bordogni/Rochut in clefs

Range building:

Charles Vernon, The Singing Approach to the Trombone

Tom Ervin, Rangebuliding on the Trombone


Charles Colin, Flexibility Studies in 3 vol.

Branimir Slokar, Flexibilities

Suggested Solos:  Serocki Sonatine, Hindemith Sonata, David Concertino

Weber Romance, Sulek Sonata “Vox Gabrieli”, Rimsky-Korsakoff Concerto,

Blahzevich Concerto No. 5, Bluebells of Scotland, Thoughts of Love, Bozza Ballade,  Wagenseil Concerto

Tomasi Concerto, Grondahl Concerto, Martin Ballade, Albrechtsberger Concerto, Bourgeois Concerto, Creston Fantasy,

Leopold Mozart Concerto, Hommage a Bach, Bozza;