The Black Dyke Trombone Quartets

The Black Dyke Trombone Quartet:

Brett Baker first set up a trombone quartet back in 2004 from members of the Black Dyke trombone section, since then this quartet has performed at over sixty events including for the British Trombone Society and at the International Trombone Festival in Birmingham in 2006. Highlights include playing at the Royal Academy of Music in 2012 for the BTS National event, the Isle of Mann Trombone Festival in 2012 and in the summer of 2015 where the ensemble featured at The Singapore Low Brass Festival.

Dyke Quartet Rath

The members of the group are Brett Baker, Paul Woodward, Garry Reed and Adrian Hirst. Paul Woodward from West Yorkshire and is Director of Sales Finance for Barclays Bank. He is a fifth generation salvationist and fourth generation trombone player and is the first ever Co-Principal Trombone in the history of Black Dyke. Garry Reed second trombone player for Black Dyke Band is a plumbing and heating engineer from Redcar in the North East of England and Adrian Hirst bass trombone with Black Dyke is a retired civil servant.

The Black Dyke Youth Quartet (now retired)

The Black Dyke Youth Trombone Quartet has made a big impact on the brass scene in the UK including an appearance with the Black Dyke Band at the Symphony Hall Birmingham in 2012. The group was formed at a British Trombone Society event at the University of Salford in March 2011 and to enable the senior quartet to cope with the demand of engagements at various festivals including those for the BTS. Two of the members of the quartet played in the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain and all four members have played in the Yorkshire Youth Brass Band. The quartet has now qualified for the National Festival in Birmingham twice and in 2012 received the sough-after ABRSM Chamber music award. The distance travelled by each member to attend rehearsals is considerable even compared to USA standards in that each member does a round trip of around 200 miles, spanning England, Wales and Scotland. All players feature on Brett Baker's latest CD Brett Baker & Friends and took part in the 2013 All American Brass Band Festival in Kentucky, USA.

Black Dyke Youth Quartet

The Black Dyke Youth Quintet: (also retired)

The current membership of the Youth group has been together for three years and was previously the junior quartet in 2014. They have played in various concerts and festivals for Black Dyke Band and the British Trombone Society, including venues such as Leeds Town Hall and Halifax Minster, they will feature in the Brunts School Trombone Festival in May 2015. Quintet members are: Hannah Stell aged 17, Gemma Riley aged 17, Charlotte Horsfield aged 17, Josh Barber aged 16, Harry Fonseca aged 17.

Youth Trombone Quintet

The Junior Trombone Sextet (retired)

The current Junior Trombone Sextet has been running for 36 months and ha just recruited two new members they will be featured in this year Black Dyke Bands festival at Leeds Town Hall and also feature on Brett Bakers new CD Radio City. Members are: Carl Ashworth aged 16, Joe Heartfield aged 12, Amelia Lewis aged 13, Ian Ashworth aged 13, Adam Warbuton aged 13 and Sam Clough aged 17.

Junior Trombone Sextet

The New Black Dyke Youth Trombone Quartet 2017 onwards

The latest reincarnation of the youth trombone quartet that rehearses at the University of Salford consists of Joe Heartfield, Adam Warburton, Paul Jackson and Oliver Atherton.