Fly me to the Moon – James Williams

Featuring Solos by Brett Baker and Paul Woodward accomapnied by Howard Evans and the Black Dyke Trombone Quartet

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Here is a CD which, for me, is described by just two words : – absolutely wonderful. 

From the very first item “Celebration” right through to the “Finale” from Symphony No. 3 “The Organ Symphony” by the larger trombone choir, one is completely enthralled and captivated by the controlled musicianship displayed on every track.

All the solos and duets are so well performed, but special mention can be made of the virtuoso playing in “The Summer Knows” and the excellent reading of “A Never Failing Friend”. Space and time given musically to every note.

I have long respected the fine musicianship of Howard Evans and his accompaniments certainly add to the quality of performance throughout the CD.

Where the quartet is featured the “Telemann Concerto” is really quite inspiring, but for me, the real gem is “God So Loved the World” from Stainers wonderful choral work “The Crucifixion”.

This track is quite superb in every way. Throughout, the balance and sound is so very good, right through the dynamic range from piano-pianissimo to forte-fortissimo it s nothing short of excellent, always controlled and never under or over played.

One could go on and on but the only other comment I would make is regarding the title track “Fly me to the Moon”. As good as this is, and it very good, I wonder what it would sound like just a tone higher?

James Williams MBE

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