Pandora – Trombone Concerto for Wind BandBenjamin Ellin N/A2022TBA
Aspects of Life (Brass Ens)Don LusherKevin Holdgate2022Aspects of Don Lusher a tribute
DL Blues (Brass Ens)Don LusherIan Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Harlem Nocturne (Brass Ens)Earl HaganIan Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Londonderry Air (Brass Ens)TradBill Geldard2022Aspects of Don Lusher
The Typewriter (Brass Ens)Leroy AndersonIan Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
In the wee small hours (Brass Ens)David MannMark Leigh2022Aspects of Don Lusher
I loves you Porgy (Brass Ens)George GershwinBill Geldard2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Makin’ Whoopie (Brass Ens)Walter DonaldsonDon Lusher / Mark Leigh2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Without a Song (Brass Ens)Vincent YoumansMark Leigh2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Suite for Trombone (Brass Ens)Don LusherKevin Holdgate2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Swinging down the Alley (Brass Ens)Don LusherIan Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Dark Eyes (Brass Ens)TraditionalBill Geldard / Ian Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
By the time I get to Pheonix (Brass Ens)Jimmy WebbIan Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Peanut Vendor (Brass Ens)Moises SimonsIan Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Song of India (Brass Ens)Rimsky KorsakovBill Geldard / Ian Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Stardust (Brass Ens)Hoagy CarmichaelJohn Iveson2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Sarabande En Blue (Brass Ens)Gordon LangfordIan Jones2022Aspects of Don Lusher
What are you doing for the rest of your life (Brass Ens)Michel LegrandMark Leigh2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Concert VariationsDon LusherKevin Holdgate2022Aspects of Don Lusher
Light Fantastic – Trombone ConcertoPhilip Wilby N/A2021Ripon Cathedral April 2021 Youtube & Brass Pass Festival of Brass July 2021 Light Fantastic CD
GreensleevesTradHoward Evans2020Trombonology Download
Arrival of the Queen of ShebaHandelIan Jones2020Trombonology Download
Waning Moon, Winters Dance, Soltice, It takes 2 & WindchillMichael Halstenson 2020Brass Pass TV
Partita (in 3 movements) & Isola (unaccompanied)Philip Wilby 2020Brass Pass TV
Do you Recall?Rob Wiffin 2020Brass Pass TV
La Chica Sin NombreRob Wiffin 2020Brass Pass TV / Youtube / Light Fantastic
Come back to SurrentoErnesto De CurtisMark Leigh2020Heritage CD / Youtube
Autumn DreamsLeo ZimmermanKeith Wilkinson2020Youtube
Trombone Concerto: Servant of Peace brass band versionDorothy Gates 2020Light Fantastic with Flowers Band
Outrageous Fortune Orchestral VersionNigel ClarkeWorld Premiere with MTSU Tennessee September 20162020Outrageous Fortune with MTSU recording 2019
 RhythmaniaAndy Wareham 2020TBA

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