Filton CDTales from the West CountryFilton BrassNew pieces for Solo Trombone & Brass BandWR18-142018
Cross FlourishesCross FlourishesISB & Black Dyke Trombone SectionsCD of Trombone Octet Music conducted by Steve BullaCP 052018
Now and ThenNow & ThenRuth Webb, John Wilson and Benjamin FrithRhapsodi Bolaris, Grafe Concerto, Albrechsberger, Blasavitch Concerto No. 5, Columbia Polka, Carnival of Venice, Scene of the Silver Plate, Trombone Sonata by Ellerby, Concerto by Nina Rota, and many moreWR16-122016
MythsMyths & LegendsFlowers BandCompositions by Christopher Bond, Andrew Mackereth, Huw Cole, Lucy Pankhurst, Andrea Price, Roger Trigg, Jonathan Bates, Richard Rock, Dan Price, Joseph Turrins Fandango arranged by Mark FreehWR15-112015
Radio CityRadio CityBlack Dyke Band, The Black Dyke Trombone EnsembleRadio City, Mr Sandman, Bolivar, Embraceable You, Sea Shells Waltz, Washington Post, Autumn Leaves, Leona Polka, Rob Wiffin Trombone Concerto, On the Kings Highway by Erik Leidzen.Doy3512015
The Crystal PalaceThe Crystal PalaceJohn WilsonIL Parata by V. Bellini arr F Berr, The Charmer by L. Boos, St Crispin by W. Rimmer, Crystal Palace by J. Ord Hume, Amabel by W. Rimmer, The Dawning by N. R. Eberhart / Cadman, American Caprice by E. F. Goldman, From the Shores of the Mighty Pacific by H. Clarke, Autumn Dreams by L. Zimmerman, Nirvana by S. Adams, Golden Sunrise by F. Burnell, The Whirlwind by J. LevyWR15-102015
All GloriousAll Glorious: The Music of Dorothy GatesNew York Staff BandCome into our World Joy Webb arranged Gates, The Dam Busters arranged Gates and The First Step Joy Webb (duet) arranged GatesNYSB254772015

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