World of the Trombone Volume 2 Brett Baker (Trombone) Fenella Haworth-Smith (Piano) for the ITA Journal Nov 2014

The World of the Trombone Volume two is an entertaining and exciting CD by Black Dyke Mills trombonist Brett Baker. Baker's recording features music for solo trombone, trombone and piano and trombone quartet. His trombone colleagues from the Black Dyke Mills Band join him for the opening track Introit for Trombones along with Philip Sparke's Tokyo Triptych.

Brett Baker is a total package on this impressive project, serving as producer, chamber musician, and soloist. The listener should take special notice of Brett's performance of Robert Elkjers arrangement of Bizet's Carmen Fantasy, a delightful three-movement work which demonstrates Baker's control and virtuosity.

Schuber's Serenade is perfromed with great finesse and passion. Baker also demosntrated complete control of the instrument and masterful interpretation on the standard works from Bernsteins Elergy for Mippy II to Saint-Saens' Cavatine. This CD also highlights Baker's versatility in the jazz medium, a quality that he showcases on Tony Cliff's Jazz Sillhouettes

THE WORLD OF THE TROMBONE, VOLUME TWO is well-produced and the jacket notes are worth reading. Another wonderful treasure by Brett Baker. Highly recommended. 

Martin McCain – Texas State University

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