10 Practice Pointers During a Lockdown

During this time of anxiety and uncertainty as we are in the house a lot of the time, it’s a really good to set up a set of routines, here is my 10 things to think about:

1)      Try and find a room in the house free from distraction that you can practice in, it does not have to be glamorous just available and somewhere you will not get disturbed.

2)      Make sure you set up a plan of practice, setting out warm up routines, solos to play, studies and scales.

3)      Try and practice for a set amount of time each day, you may build this up at first but think about between 60-90 minutes per day

4)      You do not have to practice the above time all in one sitting. I would recommend at least 40 mins in the morning and 40 minutes in the evening at a time that suits.

5)      Use the time wisely on some of those techniques that have often got the better of you. Triple and tongue tonguing, high register, pedal notes and phrasing.

6)      A great book now that you have the time to practice is a Systematic approach to brass playing by Claude Gordon, a great book if you want a good work out and structure.

7)      This is a great time to work on breathing so give those boring long notes a try at the end of a session.

8)      Use technology to record performances on your phone and send to people for comment.

9)      Take advantage of online lessons as lots of teachers will be free to teach at present

10)   Remember to enjoy what you are doing, find pieces you enjoy playing and start with them and you will really get into this.

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