Baker takes in World Cup draw of venues

Black Dyke trombone star Brett Baker has a number of overseas trips to look forward to this summer — starting with a long haul flight to link up with the North American Brass Band Summer School in Nova Scotia at the end of the month.

Panama and Scotland

He then heads south to Panama for a National Brass Festival, before a quick stop off at home before heading to Innsbruck with Black Dyke. The important University of Salford Graduation Ceremonies are also in the agenda before a road trip to Scotland to tutor on the National Youth Band of Scotland annual course.

“It's a busy time at the moment, but one that I'm looking forward to,” Brett told 4BR.

“We've enjoyed a great year at the University of Salford, Black Dyke is as busy as ever and having the opportunity to experience Canada, Panama and Austria in such a short space of time is a bit like finding out the World Cup draw for England.

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