New Website now launched! Please read this !!!!

Welcome to my new look website created by GK Design, it contains a wealth of information on trombone playing in general and I hope you will use it as a resource that you come back to again and again.Rath Logo

For instance I have produced a lot of information about repertoire that is available or trombone & piano and trombone and brass band.

This includes a lot of forgotten solos for the trombone player as well as brand new commissions from leading composers.

I hope to include samples of pieces over the summer in sheet music or recording formats to introduce people to interesting repertoire.

Also included in this website are the papers from my recent Masters in performance.

Also you can now buy CDs, mouthpieces and sheet music directly from me in the merchandise section. There are new photos and repertoire advice as well as regular updates.

Tour photos have been uploaded but I still have many more to add over the coming months.

In addition you can pre-order my new World of the Trombone Volume 3 CD and Freeh Spirit for just £25! 

Feel free to send me any feedback via

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