Aspects of Don Lusher with the JSVB Tribute Band conducted by David Thornton IBB media. Review by British Bandsman

Over the past few weeks my go-to album has been ‘Aspects of Don Lusher’ from Brett Baker and The JSVB Tribute Band. I am not someone who knows much about Don Lusher, it is a name I have heard but not someone I have listened to, the CD and reading the track details has been a great education in the great man. With 21 tracks to listen to there are some that have been played more than others and you get a great range of pieces to enjoy.

I am not a great lover of the fast and furious, so ‘The Typewriter’ is not one that has been replayed much, it brings a fun element to the album, just not my cup of tea, each of the other tracks have been played and replayed a number of times. I am an in-car listener, around the house listener and when there is nothing on TV listener, so plenty of time for re-visiting this CD.

There is no doubt the sound of the Trombone when played as well as it is by the world-renowned Brett Baker is a great listen, the tracks show off a full and controlled sound that is very relaxing and very much the sort of music I like to listen to, the more up-tempo mix in well, but personal preference is with the slower, more moody tracks.

I also enjoyed reading through the sleeve notes, some great info for someone who has little knowledge of the subject of the CD, with a few words to accompany each track you get all the info you need and a great background to the pieces and their history.

A note on ‘The Band’, a great balance and really suited the tracks well, the original plan was to record a list of pieces with full band, but with the pandemic putting everything on hold the decision to go with The JSVB Legacy Band and a new set of 10-piece arrangements was a great move and works well.

For those that are looking for a stocking filler then this would be a good one to consider, a great listen.

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