Omission Apology for new CD Myths & Legends to Mark Freeh

I regret to inform readers that an omission took place on the Myths and Legends CD in that Mark Freeh was not credited for the arrangement of the duet Fandango by Joseph Turrin. This was very much an oversight that needs to be put right. Mark is a very talented and experienced arranger and composer his website please take a look.

Mark Freeh has been involved with brass music from an early age.He studied Tuba with William Bell, and while attending Manhatten School of Music for two years studied arranging with Erik Leidzen. He played tuba and bass trombone for the New York Staff Band for eight years and travelled through Central and South America for two years with the US Arm Band.

As the conductor and founder of the Manhatten Brass Choir, he recored with Clark Terry and Urbe Green for A.B.C Records. At that time Mr Freeh also condcuted at the Rafio City Music Hall and at Carnegie Hall sharing the stage with Duke Ellington.

As a recording Engineer, he has recored albums with Philip Smith, Pendel brass, Santa Ana Corps, The Bones of Contention, and Several with the New York Staff Band. In addition he has produced two CDS for River City Brass Band and Freeh-Way with Bramwell Tovey and the G.U.S Band.


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