Visit to the Rath Factory Nov 2016

In November I visited the Rath factory to give my R4 its regular service. I very much advise people to get their instrument serviced once a year as it allows your investment in what is an excellent trombone to be in tip top condition. Every year I will ask Andy on the shop floor if there are any new developments and often try out a variety of lead pipes as for a small cost you can make a considerable difference to the blowing qualities of your instrument. This past November Andy asked me to try a new 850 red bell. This bell has transformed my sound and although slightly more effort it has given a purity and resonance that all my close colleagues in banding have commented upon. I really cannot emphasise enough how this new bell has changed the colour of the sound in the higher and louder registers. 


Along with trying a variety of lead pipes and this new bell I would also recommend you try the Rath range of mouthpieces as once again everyone that has tried them has bought them that day.

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