Salute to Sousa Brett Baker (Trombone) with John Wilson (pianoforte)

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1) La Hieronyma by Cesare 2,43 mins 

2) St Thomas Sonata by Anon 3,15 mins

3) Concertino by Carl Heinrich Meyer 11,19 mins 

4) Concertino by Josef Novakovsky 10,29 mins

5) Sea Shells Waltz by Frederick Innes 8,16 mins

6) The Sweetest Story Ever Told RM Stults 1,55 mins

7) Harbour Lights by Clay Smith 5,57 mins

8) Leona Waltz by Leo Zimmerman 5,52 mins

9) Priscilla Polka by Simone Mantia 4,00 mins

10) Devotion by Ernest Clarke 2,07 mins

11) Salute to Sousa by Frank Burnell 6,55 mins

12) The Heaven of Love by E F Goldman 3,10 mins

13) Hyperion Polka by Manual Yingling 3,33 mins

14) A Vous (To You) by Al Pinard 2,31 mins

15) Beautiful Colorado Joseph de Luca 5,20 mins

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